The Music


Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, DJ MC has a very diverse musical background. Ranging from jazz to house to rock to rap, he is well versed understanding the nuances of music as a whole, creating a one-of-a-kind musical rolodex that he displays during his sets. Along with DJing, he also writes, produces, and records his own music, as well as creating films and fashion.


New Jersey born DJ Dnial started developing an ear for music and a feel for rhythm at a young age. His tastes expanded and his interest in music went from leisure to hobby as he first got behind a set of turntables during college in Delaware. 

In no time, Dean became Dnial, with a relentless approach to master the craft that he quickly grew passionate for. Campus parties became club guest spots, and in no time Dnial was establishing residencies and opportunities to sharpen his techniques alongside legends like Rated R, Doc B, and Jazzy Jeff. Refined skills and a growing reputation allotted Dnial a chance to expand beyond his Delaware locale into a Mecca of elite DJ talent, in Atlantic City, Philadelphia, and into the huge party scene of Ocean City Maryland.

DJ Stinson

Growing up in Baltimore, Stinson began pursuing his passion for electronic music and DJing at the early age of 13 and has since continued to strive for success in many ways. Stinson has been H2O’s resident DJ since 2016, after he placed 1st in the DJ contest held by the club in 2015 and has most recently been named a finalist in the Battle of the Beast DJ competition hosted by Soundcheck in Washington DC.

Stinson is currently on the Shiny Entertainment DJ roster, performing throughout Maryland at venues such as Horseshoe Casino and Maryland Live and more. When he’s not in the DJ booth, Stinson has taken his previous internship at Baltimore’s Z104.3 to new levels, working as an on-air personality and segment host for both OC 104 and 102.5 WBOC. Stinson is currently partnering with Scorpion Radio Group to develop a new EDM radio station called The Electric Isle.